Notepad ++ For Windows (10/ 8/ 8.1/ 7/ XP) Download

Notepad ++ for Windows is most powerful , demanded and popular code editor which helps you in editing your online texts , it is an open source online text editor which is available with all latest and required features which is in work from the 2003 and till now it has maintained its own reputation and trust among people as an editing tool and for writing different codes. As in Microsoft Windows, we also get the default notepad but that one is not laced with all necessary features required for editing so people go for the alternative to it and in this field Notepad ++ is the best one used for windows devices. You will be also able to see that Notepad ++ not only helps you in editing else it is also allowing you to support different or several languages which can be used for the purpose of programming.

In the notepad ++ you will be also going to get the inbuilt feature of Notepad++ windows text editor with help of which you are able to do tabbed editing means that you can easily edit or work over your multiple and different files simultaneously with a single click and are able to do the multitasking. There are many languages which are being supported by the Notepad ++ these languages are C , CASE , PHP , C# , C ++ , HTML , JavaScript , Java and much more just in this single software. This was launched for the windows device only and currently working for only windows with each version but there are alternatives available for Notepad ++ for each operating system which are the clones of it with same features and look.

So , today in this article we are going to give you a proper guide of how to install Notepad ++ in your windows PC or laptop having windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 so , if you are also one who wanted to install it on your device then go below for complete information. Before starting the installing procedure let us first know some important things about Notepad ++ which h makes it unique from other text editors. So, first of all we will learn about the features of Notepad ++ and then after we will come to know the Pros and Cons of it and at last we will get all of the stepwise procedure for download Notepad ++ for Windows 7, 8, etc so gather some information before installing.

Pros of Notepad++

1 . The best part is that you are getting all of the latest and required features of editing in this tool or software and you are getting this facility completely free you need not pay anything for it.

  1. You will be going to get the compatibility of your Notepad with many languages which are not possible with the default or inbuilt notepad of Microsoft as it also supports different languages like as HTML, Java ,  C ++ etc.

3 .  With help of notepad ++ you re going to use the WYSIWYG and it is also supporting the option of drag and drop easily which is user-friendly.

  1. You will be going to get the option of folding and syntax highlighting which is possible with your any kind of written text whenever required.

Cons of Notepad ++

There are some bugs which are present with Notepad ++ although the developers are trying to solve then it can leave some disappointment in you but despite it the Notepad ++ is awesome and these bugs are not a very big problem and get updated regularly with fixing of bugs in the previous version.

Features of Notepad ++

1 . Document mapping


3 . GUI can be customized easily and entirely

4 . You can auto-complete your text with help of it.

5 . Syntax highlighting and the folding feature which is available for users.

6 . PCRE ( Perl compatible regular expression ) is also able to replace or search anything or document.

7 .  Adding bookmark

8 . You will also get the feature of tab interface for the opening of multi document or performing multi tasking.

9 . It is friendly to various kind of languages.

10 . The feature of playback and macro receiving is also available.

How to install Notepad ++ in Windows ( XP/ Vista/7 / 8/ 8.1/10 )

Now , let us come to know that how can you install the Notepad ++ in your all version of Windows operating system for installing you just need to follow the below provided steps :


Step – 1 : So , in the starting you are required to go to the any online source where notepad ++ download link is available or the place from which you can download it easily or we are also providing you a link below with help of which you can easily and comfortably download it with help of this , just simply click on the link and you will be redirected to the download page of Notepad++,0305-833.html


Step – 2 : Now , after reaching to the page just simply click on the option of download which is present in a green color box , after clicking on the option you will see a popup window at the top left side of your device screen which is having two options of save file and cancel. From these options you need to click on the save file and after this your downloading will begin.

Step – 3 : So , after saving file you will see that the download for Notepad ++ has begun , now wait till the downloading gets completed.

Step – 4 : After it , you will see the downloading is competed now go to the download section and click on the downloaded file to open it.

Step – 5 : Now , after opening first of all you will be going to see a dialogue box on the home screen of your device which is asking for your permission to make changes in your hardware , so from these options you are required to click on the option of run , only then you will be able to install it on your PC or laptop.


Step – 6 : After granting the permission you will see that another dialogue box appears on the screen with a welcome note to let he Notepad ++ , here you will see an option of next at the bottom side of your screen simply click on this option.

Step – 7 : Now , after you click the option of next instantly another dialogue box will appear in front of you in which you will be going to see the terms and conditions for Notepad ++ as you are required to agree to all of them before proceeding , read all of these and then at last click on the option of I agree which is available at the bottom right side of your PC.

Step – 8 : Now , after accepting the terms and conditions again you will be going to see 2 or 3 same dialogue boxes on which you just need to press the option of next which will be present on your screen till you see any other option in place of next.

Step – 9 : Next , after it you will be going to see the option of install in place of next , now click on this option for installing your file and wait till the process of installing completes.


Step – 10 : After the process of installing gets compete you will be going g to see another dialogue box on which you are required to click on the option of Finish at last and it’s all complete.

So , by following all of these above mentioned steps you can very easily download and install the Notepad ++ on your device. Just simply follow these steps and if you face any kind of problem with it then we are here to solve your problem although you will not face any problem still if persist then comment it below we will be here for your help. Download and install this text editing software and you will be going to see how your work gets easier and more editable with all required and important features.

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