What is Word Wrap? What are The Uses of Word Wrap In Notepad?

A word wrap is the text processing feature in which the words are contained within the limited specified area of any writing window. In other simple words with the word wrapping feature, the users don’t have to click on enter key, in order to move to the next line of the text writing since the word wrapping feature does that on its own.

This feature is used with some writing software which does not have this feature as the default one, and word wrapping feature allows such software to prevent from missing out on any text since in the horizontal text writing the reader would always miss the complete text reading.

What is word wrap

The word wrapping feature enables any writing software to be writing in the vertical format which is up to down instead of the horizontal writing, where the users have to scroll left to right and find it very troublesome in order to read properly.

If you are using the notepad software as your regular text writer then you most probably enable the notepad software with the word wrapping feature in order to make the text writing fully effective.

Here is how you can do this:

  • Go to the notepad menu and then in the format feature
  • There you will see the word wrap feature
  • Now just scroll down towards the bottom of the notepad and the window will vanish with the check marked in the word wrap feature

This indicates that the word wrap feature is now enabled with the notepad, and now the text will be written with the word wrap feature only.

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