What are the Pros and Cons of Using Notepad++ as an IDE for Python?

The original software of the notepad is world-wide known famous text writing and the basic editing software. The notepad and the notepad++ both software have been made available only for the Microsoft Windows-based operating system.

The notepad does the simple job of text writing and is known to be very quick software, however, the notepad misses out on the advanced features of any text writing such as the text formatting and all such advanced features.

The notepad++ software is made to offers all kind of advanced text writing feature and in addition to that, it also offers the support to the additional programming languages such as C++, java, python etc.

This is what makes the notepad++ as one of the most favourite software for the users. If you are using the notepad++ as an IDE for the Python programming language and want to know some of the pros and cons of it. Here we are providing you with the major of them.


  • Notepad is very simple and the lightweight writing software which I believe is the simplest to be configured.
  • Notepad offers various text writing or the program writing features just in one window.
  • You will get hundreds of plug-ins list with notepad++.
  • Notepad++ comes as an additional support for the syntax highlighting to the programming languages.


  • Notepad++ is not a proper IDE since it lacks a debugger which is must in writing.
  • Notepad++ is having the outdated themes or the user interface which makes it quite boring to be used by the users.
  • There is no such feature with notepad++ as a session backups. Hence if the software crashes you might end up losing all the data.

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