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Notepad ++ a most popular and widely used open source online text editing software is the first preference of windows users. So , if you are also a lover of Notepad ++ then you might be aware about the portable Notepad ++ or if not then do not think much we will be going to tell you about Notepad ++ portable another application of Notepad ++ you can also say that the Notepad ++ portable is simply a Notepad ++ which is easy to handle and can edit your text comfortably , it is simply a packed app which is easily portable which will help you a lot in properly developing your project , the best party of Notepad ++ is that it is easily handable and contains almost all of the important and necessary features which are present in Notepad ++ and is also supporting different types of programming languages like C++, Java, CSS, ASP, HTML, C etc.

You will be also going to get several plugins inside Notepad ++ portable and it is also very easy to install on your portable devices. If you are also the user of portable Notepad ++ or either using it the first time then you should be aware that it will work best if combined with the portable platform and this one is considered as one of the best alternatives to use instead of using the default notepad which is available with the windows devices.

All users who needs to edit text loved it a lot to use the Notepad ++ portable and the feature of portability available with Notepad ++ portable is the best one which is liked by its users and you can easily install it and then transfer it to any of the portable devices you are having and can easily run it with help of external devices on your computer easily. Notepad ++ portable is very helpful as it saves your current program automatically without having any data loss , so it is currently the best software which is being used by the windows users. Although the features of Notepad ++ portable are exactly same as you find in the Notepad ++ but there are many users who do not know about the notepad ++ features so let us have a look over its features which you are going to get in it :

As we all know that the Notepad ++ portable is an open source only text editor which is being used by the users for editing their text and contain all of the upgraded features.

2. It is having the option of a multi document system.

3. With help of it you are easily able to zoom in and zoom out your content.

4. It will provide you the feature of syntax highlighting and the syntax folding, it is also supporting various different languages like C++ , C , ASP, HTML , CSS , Java, Pascal and so on.

5. You will be also able to get the features of auto completion for your text.

6 . The Notepad ++ portable will provide you the full support for drag and drop off your files.

7 . It will be going to give you the facility of syntax highlighting which is also user defined.

8 . There is also an option of regular support for different expressions like as search , replace etc.

9 . The feature of macro recording and playback is also available.

10 . Give you the feature of highlighting for the brace and guiding the indent guideline.

Features of Notepad++ Portable

App name Notepad ++ portable
App size 18 MB
Licence Free or open source ( GPL )
Date of update 02 January 2018
App name Notepad ++ portable
MD 5 Hash 4b3bab57e755782da408ad3fad5c22d3
Latest version 7.5.4
System requirements Windows Vista / XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Publisher Portable and the Notepad ++ team

It will not consume much space while you install Notepad ++ on your device as it is easily portable , you can simply store its latest version in any portable device like as of USB drives or the memory disks , this is the best thing for portable Notepad ++ due to which it is liked by the users that they can store it easily in any portable device and use completely on separate basis. Before getting more info on the Notepad ++ portable we are needed to have a look at the Pros and Cons of the portable Notepad ++

Notepad++ Portable Pros

1 . Highly functional : You will be seen that the Notepad ++ portable is a program which is very powerful and packed in a stripped program , you will need not to spend anything on it as the notepad ++ portable rarely consumes any resource and gives all of the important features or programs for its users which are essential to edit any text.

2 . Clean installer : It is very easy and quick to install this awesome program in your device and will help you in getting rid of the burden of myriad options which you wanted to check from a lot of documents which you need to read at the time of process while installing it in your device.

3 . Support the system of multi document : There is a feature which is available with Notepad ++ with help.of which you are able to save multiple documents created by you in a single file and open all of them simultaneously and can work with it , these documents will be displayed in the interface of different tabs.

Notepad++ Portable Cons

1 . Bottom line : If you are currently working on the notepad ++ and simultaneously you wanted to skip toward WordPad in your device it will allow you to do so but this back and forth is not that much easy , you are able to use both of these programs in your Notepad ++ on the regular basis and the Notepad ++ is quite good and effective to use.

2 . Strange menu : When you open the Notepad ++ on your device you will come to see that the menu bar of it is a little strange , it don’t look normal as on clicking over any item present in the menu bar you will see that the list is appearing on offset instead of a drop-down list with options this is quite unexpected and will create confusion first time but with the going on of time you will be able to come to know about its features and use.

How to download the Notepad++ Portable in Windows

So , this was all which you were needed to learn about the Notepad ++ portable before downloading it now , we will be going to learn about the steps of downloading and installing the Notepad ++ it is very simple and easy to install you are just required to follow the below provided steps :


Step – 1 : First of all for downloading the notepad ++ you are needed to go to the site of Notepad ++ from where you will be able to download it or else you can also go to the below provided link with help of which you will automatically be redirected to the download site


Step – 2 : After you go to the particular site just click on the option of download which is available in a green box and after that , a popup window will arrive at the top left side corner of the screen from where you are required to save file.


Step – 3 : After clicking on the option of save file you will see that the download ingredients of Notepad ++ have begun , now wait till your file gets downloaded completely.


Step – 4 : Now , after the download completed go to the download section and click on file to open it.


Step – 5 : As you open the file a dialogue box will appear on the screen with a welcome note now click on the option of next , then another dialogue box will appear with the terms and conditions of Notepad ++ portable read them and then click on the option of I agree. After it , you will be required to click on the next button for related time.


Step – 6 : Press the option of next till you see an option of install on the screen , now click in this option and wait till the installing complete.

Step – 7 : After the installation , you have to click last on the option of finish and all done you will see that the notepad ++ portable has downloaded and installed on your windows device.

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