Difference Between Notepad Faster Than Word-Pad?

Notepad and the Word-pad are the two writing programs and both have been developed by the Microsoft incorporation. Notepad is the basic integral part which comes with every Windows operating system of the Microsoft. While the Word-pad is the advanced level word processing program which is the part of Microsoft office software.

If you have been using both the notepad and the Word-pad then you must have noticed that the notepad is quick to get started with the writing task. on the other hand, Word-pad is slower to get started with the same writing task in the comparison of the notepad.

Well, we understand this issue as it is quite common with the masses of the Word-pad users and there are several reasons behind it few of them are here.

  • Word-pad is an advanced level word processing program which lets the users do the advanced level word processing tasks, such as the formatting or printing the task along with many other options. Word-pad is evidently advanced than the notepad and this is why it takes time to be fully loaded on.
  • Word-pad sometimes becomes slower when it tries to automatically recover the files from the system which were not saved by the users last time. This feature of Word-pad also makes it slow
  • Word-pad when fetching the files from the other computer on a network it may take some more time to open the file with it.
  • The files which are opened through the Word-pad sometimes contain the high-quality graphic which makes the Word-pad slow to open the files
  • Other than these reasons sometimes Word-pad also get slower due to some virus or the malware threat and you need to clean the system to make the Word-pad works normally

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