How is Similar Between Notepad and Notepad++?

We all have been using the basis notepad software that comes with the Microsoft Windows operating system as a basicĀ .text writer and the editor. Notepad is one of the easy software available for the writing purposes you can execute the writing work with this software and save the file with the .txt format extension of the written files with the Notepad.

There is one another extension or the upgraded version of the Notepad which is known as the Notepad++. There is a difference between the traditional notepad software, and the Notepad++ and that difference being is that the Notepad++ comes with an additional support for some programming languages such as C++, python etc.

Along with that you will get some additional features with the notepad such as find and replace feature, spell checker, comparison of the files or zooming of the files and such others advanced features.

All these features in combined make the notepad++ a very potential software than the older Notepad software which can execute some of the basic stuff of writing tasks.

You can use the Notepad++ if you are someone who has to be indulged in the advanced tasks such as writing the programs with several programming languages.

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