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Notepad ++ has become very popular and most used editing software with the passage of time for windows users and everyone has a craze of using it but unfortunately still now the notepad++ mac download is only available for Windows operating system not for any other operating system like Linux or Mac but do not get disappointed we are having an option for it also, if you are also a lover of Notepad ++ but you are running on Mac operating system then today we have brought up the alternatives for Notepad ++ especially for the users of Mac or iPad.

These are the best alternatives available in the replacement for Notepad++ mac and you will be going to see that these are having all of the same features and functions of Notepad ++ the only thing which will be going to differ completely is that you know Notepad ++ is an online source code editor so it is available free of cost for its users but the alternatives which are going to provide are not completely free you will be going to see both type of editing software some are free and for some you will be needed to pay some nominal amount so , it is all up to you which one will you like to choose. So, you canĀ download notepad++ for mac.

So if we talk about the features of Notepad++ then the most trending features of it are syntax highlighting , customizable interface , macro reading , regular expressions and much more and the best thing that you will be going to get all of these latest and trending features in these alternatives also for your Mac or iPad. So , let us have a look and come to know about some of the alternatives of Notepad ++ and you are free to choose any of them with your own choice :

1. Sublime text

In this list of Mac online text editor the first one which comes is Sublime text , it is one if the most popular and widely used texting software by the apple users because it is one of the staple code editors in the list of online text editors. You will be going to get all of the important features like syntax highlighting and folding, editing and customizability on a very high level for different kind of codes which are used.

The best thing due to which sublime is very popular among the users is it’s feature of go to anywhere with help.of which you are easily able to search your document or can jump to any line within your text or any if the symbol you want, you are also allowed to search for a single word with help of this feature in sublime text which makes it unique and popular , there is only one thing which can trouble you is that it is not free you need to spend your money for installing sublime text in your device and for it you have to give around $ 70 for using and grabbing its features.

2. Brackets

Next , the second online text editors in this list for Mac users is bracket , so if you do not want to spend your money for the purchase of sublime text then do not worry we are also having the free text editing software in this list. So , if you are also looking for any free text editor then simply go for the option of Adobe’s bracket text editor and it will seem you to be the best alternative option for Notepad ++ with having all features of it.

As we told you that this is free to install but not only this thing makes it popular you will be also going to get some extra, additional and very useful features with it like getting color , information of the measurement, gradient, font etc these all can easily be changed or edited with help if this editor. You will be also going to save your precious time with help of it as your PSD file will automatically get saved into the form of the website with the help of this bracket online editor. Not only this , it also provides the best extensions for your use and comfort with great features in it like as of Git integration , code folding, JS hint support, auto formatting and themes for making it more attractive you will be also going to have the bracket extension in it.

3. Atom

The another alternative for the Notepad + which is available for Mac users is Atom , it is the another text editor which very popular and most used for editing text specially by the professionals. The best benefit of getting this Atom text editor is that it is easily hackable to the core which means that of you see that anything if your choice is not happening then with help of it you can easily change it with your own choice and make it happen in your way. With help if the Atom you are also able to tweak up different programs simultaneously like as of HTML and java script and this will also help you if you do not know many languages as with this you are not required to learn about different kinds of programming g languages and will not face any kind of difficulty while performing or making your own program.

The Atom is an open source editing tool and available completely free so you will be also going to have additional features in it like as Git integration or conflict Management , color display , modal control , highlighters, project management and so on and it will also be going to help you in cutting languages from the edges.

4. Komodo edit

Now at last we are going to tell you about another editing software as the good alternative source of windows Notepad ++ and this is Komodo edit which is much famous among the Mac users. Komodo is basically an IDE ( Integrated development environment ) which is an online editor also. As the Komodo edit is an entire IDE everyone do not want this so for other users there is also the lighter version of Komodo edit is available which give you the interesting features like of Multi language support , mark down viewing , auto complete, change tracking etc.

There are also a large variety and number of repositories available with the Komodo from Git hub and you will be also going to get a large number of extensions and themes for editing your text in an effective manner. Although there are not enough features which are available with the other text editors but as it is developed by an IDE so it is more trusted and contains all of the basic features required for editing.

So , at last we have given you the list of some best and most used popular online text editors in which you will be going to get all of the features of Notepad ++ and will be going to serve as the best alternative for the Mac users. Here in this list, there is both type of editors some or free or some are paid it is all up to your requirement and choice which one will you like to have.

These are the different alternatives of Notepad ++ with the full details and all of the basic features available to edit any text you can simply install them to your Mac device or iPad although we have provided you all of the necessary and required information but still if you wanted to get some information then simply comment below we will provide the answer to your question and you can also tell us about the any best alternative of Notepad ++ for Mac if you have any suggestion then we welcome your opinion.



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