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Notepad++ for Linux is the most used and popular editing tool which is being used for editing the online text and is smoothly working with all of the windows devices. Notepad ++ is the very old software which is being used from a long time but the only problem that users face is that it is only available for the windows devices not for any other operating system. We have different kind of operating systems like some are running on Windows , some on Mac or some on Linux and due to the popularity and features of Notepad ++ every user wants to have it on their device and wanted avail its benefits after all they are getting the best features without even paying anything that is completely free of cost.

So , today we are going to tell something about notepad ++ which will be very beneficial for the Linux users. As we all know that the Notepad ++ is not available on notepad++ Linux and we can not use it there , this makes the fans of Notepad ++ very disappointed but today we will share some of the best online text editors for Linux which completely overcome the features of Notepad ++ and can be best used on Linux. This software are available online some of them are available free of cost while for some you can even need to pay some of the nominal amounts it is all up to you and your requirement which one will you like to choose for editing your text.

As it is very boring to use the default notepad and also you will not be going to get the proper features in it due to this person looks over for the alternatives of it with more features and benefits over that. So below provided alternatives are the best one and almost similar to Notepad ++ with having all of the necessary and important features for Linux users. As the best features of Notepad ++ are syntax highlighting, appealing, multi-language, macros, auto-completion, lightweight, appealing GUI, regex search etc and we all want these basic features in any online editing tools so keeping this in mind we have selected some of the best online text editors which are having all of these features and more than it let us come to know about them a little :

Best Notepad ++ for Linux

We are already aware that the Notepad ++ is an online open source editing tool which is completely free and lace with best features but in this below list you will not find all editors as an open source you will get both types some are open while for some you will be needed to pay some nominal amount but these are the best alternatives which can be used by the Linux users in behalf of Notepad ++.

1 . Notepadqq

In this list of alternatives for the Notepad ++ the first name which comes is of Notepadqq, it is considered as the clone of Notepad ++ and the best ever and most used editing tool by the Linux users. Most of the people say that Notepadqq is just an exact copy or replication of Windows Notepad ++ and have all same features of it. This is considered a clone because it not only has same features of Notepad ++ although it is also having the same look or overview of Notepad ++.

So, for those Linux users who wanted to enjoy or use notepad ++ in their Linux operating system can use the Notepadqq and can simply get the feel of Notepad ++ on Linux. As similar to the notepad ++ the Notepadqq is also an online open source text editor available for the users and can easily be downloaded from the official PPA in your Ubuntu or the Linux Mint. So, if you also wanted to install notepad++ Linux in your Linux then simply follow the below provided command :


Sudo add-apt-repository ppa: notepadqq-team/notepadqq

Sudo apt-get update

Sudi apt-get install notepadqq

2 . SciTE

Now , the second alternative which comes in this list of alternatives is SciTE , it is also an open source online text editor by having a cross-platform with it you will be also going to have different kinds of plugins or add-ons in this program. The only drawback of it that you will not be going to find GUI as a good source which is available for the next generation online text editor like in Atom but instead of it all of the features of SciTE is very good and friendly which can be used easily for this you do not require any professional or technical knowledge and this is why the SciTE is having a lot of fans in the field of Linux. The distributors of Linux already provide the inbuilt SciTE repository with the device like in the Ubuntu or Linux Mint and you only just need to install the file in your device and after onwards you will be able to use it for installing this just simply use the below command :

Sudo apt-get install scite

3 . Geany

Now , the third alternative which we are going to get with the list is Geany which is also a good source for editing text but you should first of all make one thing clear about Geany that it not a text editor although Geany is the IDE. Although you will be also going to get it completely free of cost as it is also an open source online editor which is currently available for almost all of the desktop platforms like of the windows , BSD , OS X , Linux etc. So , before going to know the installing command let us have a brief look at the different features which are being provided by the Geany for Linux users :


1 . Code folding

2 . Plugins

3 . Construct completion

4 . It is supporting different kinds of file types like as of Python , C , Java , PHP , HTML , Perl and many more

5 . Syntax highlighting

6 . Code navigation

7 . Auto closing of text like in the XML and HTML

8 . Project management

9 . Compiling and executing almost all of your codes


As we told you earlier that the SciTE is pre commanded in the Linux similarly Geany is also commanded with its repository in Linux you just only need to install it in your Linux Mint and Ubuntu whichever you are having. For installing Geany to your device just simply follow the below provided command :


Sudo apt-get install geany

4 . Sublime text

Now ,  another online text editor about which we are going to know is Sublime text till now we have come to know about all of the open source editors but sublime text is not an open source editor and you will not be able to use it’s product free , in spite of it sublime is a very popular and widely used text editor due to its awesome features and plugins which are very beneficial for the professional editors. The sublime is having very cool and rich features within it and is being the favorite editor among users from very long time. Let us come to know about some of the users of sublime text.


1 . Plugins

2 . Instant project switch

3 . Go to anything

4 . Command Pallatte

5 . Customization

6 . Free mode from the distraction

7 . Split editing

8 . Multiple selections

It is very simple and easy to install the current version of sublime text 2 with help of it’s PPA and this version is also considered as the stable version. So, for installing it to your Linux Ubuntu or mint just follow the below-provided command :

Sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webup8team/sublime-text-2

Sudo apt-get update

Sudo apt-get install sublime-text

5 . Lime text

Now the last alternative in this list of online text editors for Linux about which we are going to tell you is Lime text as you can see by name it is relevant with the sublime text and almost similar to it the only difference among sublime text and lime text is that it is an open source online editor while the sublime text is non-open source. This text editor not only copies the sublime text in it’s look although it is completely similar in features also, so if you wanted to get an open source editor on the back up of sublime text then it will be considered as the best alternative for your Linux device.

So , all of these 5 mentioned above are the best available alternatives of Notepad ++ which are available for the Linux users. Most of these are open source editors which are providing all of the required features and are user-friendly but if you are a lover of Windows Notepad ++ then its clone copy which is Notepadqq will be the best choice for you although it is all up to you which one will you wanted to have.

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