What is the Difference Between Notepad and WordPad?

Wordpad and Notepad both are the tools of writing on system operating on the windows. They are used to open, create and edit the text files. Both are the tools that are used for editing text which help in writing documents and papers. Below are the key difference is given:

  1. A first basic difference can be found in formatting options. You can increase the font size and change the style but cannot italic, underline, bold, colour, line spacing, increase or decrease the indent, and paragraph setting in notepad, that is available by WordPad.
  2. Notepad does not provide the features of Inserting pictures & objects, painting drawing that is available on WordPad.
  3. In Wordpad, you can insert time and date in your documents. In Notepad it is only possible by manually typing.
  4. The basic file format of WordPad file format is .rtf and Notepad is .txt.
  5. WordPad also offers five additional file format, in addition to the basic format of .rtf,.
  6. Notepad files can be opened in WordPad but WordPad files cannot be opened in Notepad.
  7. A basic purpose of Notepad is to create and write HTML documents for websites, scripts or computer programs whereas WordPad is specially designed for writing papers, documents and letters and.
  8. WordPad is advisable for writing designed documents, papers and lists while Notepad is suitable for writing and producing simple documents.

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