What are The Best Alternative For Notepad++ Mac OS?

Notepad is one of the most known and used text writing and the basic editing software, which is known worldwide among all the windows operating system users. If you are also using or have ever used windows computers, then I am very sure that you must have also used this notepad software.

The question arises as to whether there is any scope of notepad to be introduced for the Mac operating system users as well? Well, there are some factors which need to be considered before you could get the answer in this regard.

Remember Notepad is the official and the integral software which had been the part of Windows operating system right from the first official version of the windows.

Further, there may be certain guesses that there might have been signed some contract between the Microsoft incorporation and the developers of the Notepad, as per which Notepad would not be provided to any other operating system other than the Microsoft itself.

So¸ that could be one of the most legit legal reason that why Notepad is not available for the Mac and might not also be as well in the future. Further, even if we disregard this contractual factor there is one other reason with the developers and, that is the free and open source availability of the Notepad.

Notepad is free and open source software and hence there is no such enough motivation for the developers of the Notepad that they could make it available for the Mac users as well.

In this situation, it becomes the matter of sole discretion of Apple incorporation, that whether they ask the Notepad developers to launch any version of Notepad for the Mac as well.

Keep in mind that there several other text writing software which is available as a substitute of the Notepad, so you should surely try those software and see if they could do the same job as the Notepad does.

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