What is The Reason of Notepad Faster Than Word-Pad

Well, both software programs i.e. Notepad and Word Pad are used for text editing purpose for Windows OS. The Notepad is faster than Word Pad as Notepad restricts with formatting options and is good for creating basic text file and paragraph creation line breaking can be done easily on Notepad. The Word Pad is good […]

Difference Between Notepad Faster Than Word-Pad?

Notepad and the Word-pad are the two writing programs and both have been developed by the Microsoft incorporation. Notepad is the basic integral part which comes with every Windows operating system of the Microsoft. While the Word-pad is the advanced level word processing program which is the part of Microsoft office software. If you have […]

How is Similar Between Notepad and Notepad++?

We all have been using the basis notepad software that comes with the Microsoft Windows operating system as a basic .text writer and the editor. Notepad is one of the easy software available for the writing purposes you can execute the writing work with this software and save the file with the .txt format extension of […]

What Are Good Alternatives For Notepad++ on Mac OS X?

We know that Notepad++ is the most advanced version of the basic Notepad software from the Microsoft Windows operating system. Notepad++ is suited to all those users who want some of the most advanced features in the writing software, along with the additional support of the programming language such as C++ and others. The very […]

How Do I Can Convert a Notepad To Excel?

A notepad is the basic text writing and the editing software which comes along as an integral part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Since most of the users across the world are using the Windows OS, and this is why this tiny software is famous and used across the world. It might seem a […]

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Notepad++ as an IDE for Python?

The original software of the notepad is world-wide known famous text writing and the basic editing software. The notepad and the notepad++ both software have been made available only for the Microsoft Windows-based operating system. The notepad does the simple job of text writing and is known to be very quick software, however, the notepad misses […]

What is Word Wrap? What are The Uses of Word Wrap In Notepad?

A word wrap is the text processing feature in which the words are contained within the limited specified area of any writing window. In other simple words with the word wrapping feature, the users don’t have to click on enter key, in order to move to the next line of the text writing since the […]

What are The Best Alternative For Notepad++ Mac OS?

Notepad is one of the most known and used text writing and the basic editing software, which is known worldwide among all the windows operating system users. If you are also using or have ever used windows computers, then I am very sure that you must have also used this notepad software. The question arises […]

What are the Featured Type of Software is Notepad?

Notepad is a very basic writing or the text editing software which comes as an integral part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. You can use this software in the plain text writing tasks such as writing the books, stories, making the memorandum etc. The notepad might seem to be a very simple software but […]

Why is The Best Notepad Tricks and How To Do it?

Today in this article we are going to tell you about some of the best notepad tricks and the hacks that you can use to use the notepad in a more effective way. Making a Personal Notebook If you want to write and text in the notebook along with the time before the text so […]