What Are Good Alternatives For Notepad++ on Mac OS X?

We know that Notepad++ is the most advanced version of the basic Notepad software from the Microsoft Windows operating system. Notepad++ is suited to all those users who want some of the most advanced features in the writing software, along with the additional support of the programming language such as C++ and others.

The very first fact about both the notepad and notepad++ software is that they both are compatible only with the Microsoft Windows operating system, and hence if you are someone who is on the Apple Mac operating system, then, unfortunately, there is no way that you could get notepad++ on Mac.

Well, today in this article we would tell you about some of the writing and the text editor software which can be used with the Mac OS as an alternative to the Windows Notepad++.


This is very first and the best writing software for the Mac users. Atom is an open source based writing software and is considered to be the best alternative to the notepad++. You will get many advanced features with the Atom software

Sublime Text Mac Download

Sublime Text Mac Download

This is another best alternative of the notepad++for the Mac users. This software is very powerful and comes with the features like syntax highlights, easy interface for the navigation, and offers decent customizations feature as per the requirements of the users.


This is another alternative to notepad++ in the list for the Mac users. This is very basic text writing and the editing software for the Mac users. If you are a web designer then this one is the best writing software for you on the list.


This is the best software as an alternative to the notepad++. If you are a fan of multiple languages support then this one is for you since this software provides the support for the C, XML, PHP, Python and other many languages.

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