Notepad ++ Download For Free Online [LATEST Version]*

Notepad ++ is simply an online sources code editor which is being used for texting and available free of cost. Notepad++ text editor has now become the most popular and widely used editing software for the windows user as it is available only for windows and the best feature of it is that Notepad ++ supports almost all of the basic features which are required.

Notepad ++ has become the best editing software for windows , you can also use notepad ++ online without even downloading it and the best part of it is that you are getting this notepad++ online free of cost which means you are not required to pay anything for using or downloading, it is also supporting the feature of tabbed editing which means that you can open the multiple files simultaneously in one window. This project in the starting was hosted by the and till now it has been downloaded by more than 28 million of time and the Source forget community has also won the award of best developer for two times till now. By 2010 to 2015 the project of Notepad ++ was being hosted by the Tux family but since 2015 the Git hub is hosting Notepad ++ as it was developed in September 2003 by the Don Ho and developed it for windows platform.

This software was first of all released on 25 November by the Source Forge in 2003. Let us have a looks at the best features of Notepad ++ these are :

1 . It supports syntax highlighting

2 . It has the feature of markup language

3 . Intelligent code completion

4 . Have support to various languages

5 . Auto-completion of programming

6 . Code folding

These are some of the best options of Notepad ++ online for which it is known worldwide. It also has several plugins and internationalization and various features like Tabbed interface, macros, line bookmarking and much more.

Notepad ++ Portable


As , the notepad ++ is being more popular so in context of this notepad ++ portable has come in existence in which you can simply download and install your favorite Notepad ++ in portable devices which will save your internal memory and you will be able to use it by using different external devices. Notepad ++ portable is the best handy Notepad ++ which can be carried by you and helps you in editing your text as it is portable so you can easily make the proper development of your work. This notepad ++ portable has all of the features that are available in Notepad ++ as , it is almost a clone the only difference is that it is portable and can be saved in any portable device.

Notepad ++ for windows 7

As , we know that Notepad ++ is available for windows user and it is available not only on the latest Windows operating system although it also supports windows 7 and the above like windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 / XP etc. So, you are not to worry if you are running your PC on the older version then you need not to update it you can still download it on Windows 7, the best thing is that Notepad ++ is free download as it is an open online source.

How to Install Notepad ++

So , till now we come to learn about different features , uses and importance of Notepad ++ but the main problem which is faced by the users is that how they can install Notepad ++ to their device. Now , you do not need to worry we will be going to tell you that how can you download and install the notepad ++ as it is an open and online source then you can simply get it completely free of cost it is very simple to download Notepad ++ you just need to follow these below mentioned simple and easy steps if you also want to install Notepad ++ to your windows device :


Step – 1 : For downloading the Notepad ++ you are required to go to the sure from where you can download it or we are also providing you a link but clicking in which you will be redirected to the download page of Notepad ++,0305-833.html

Step – 2 : After clicking on the link you will see an option of download , click on it and you will see a pop up window on the left side corner of your screen in which you have to select the option of save file after this your download will begin shortly.


Step – 3 : Now , after it you are required to wait till ten downloading gets completed and then open the downloaded file.

Step – 4 : Next , you need to install it in your device. For this you will have to follow the required steps and click on the options then at the end click the option of install and shortly the installation procedure will begin shortly.


Step – 5 : Later , after installing completes you will be needed to click on the option of finish then you are able to use notepad ++ on your Windows device.

So , you can see how simple is this to download and install the notepad ++ free of cost on your Windows device and it is easily usable with lots of features.

Notepad ++ Mac

Above we come to know about notepad ++ for windows but their are not only the window users , the users who are using Mac operating system also wants to download Notepad ++ for their Mac and due to wide popularity and great work of Notepad ++ most of the time we have seen that many people search for Notepad ++ Mac downloads but there is unfortunately a bad news for Notepad ++ lovers that it is not available for the Mac users which means that if you wanted to use the notepad ++ on your Mac operating system then you are unable to get one for your Mac device but do not get disappointed their is another option also available for you and this is that you can also download the best alternatives of Notepad ++ for your Mac so keeping your requirement in mind we have brought up different and best alternatives for the Notepad ++ which have almost same features of Notepad ++ and are easily be downloaded in Mac.

So , below we are going to provide you the list of best alternatives for Notepad ++ you can choose any of them which better meet your requirement and need :

1. Sublime Text

For Mac users the sublime text is a stable code editor which serves as the best alternative for Notepad ++ as it is widely used in the world of Mac. You will be going to get the awesome features same as Notepad ++ like as of syntax highlighting , folding , customization at high level , lots of codes which are being used for the editing and the best feature for which sublime is famous is the option of go to anything search with help of this feature you are allowed to visit or open any file and document , you can also jump on any line of your requirement even you can also go for the search of any word.

The only thing which do not make it user-friendly is that you need to pay some charges for using this program and that is of around $ 70 as everyone can not pay so , all are not able to get it but do not worry we will also provide you some free sources also.

2. Brackets


If you do not want to spend your hard earned money them worry not we are having another option for you which is completely free of cost that is you are not going to pay anything for getting this program to your Mac. The online text editor which is known as Adobe’s bracket is one of the great alternatives to Notepad ++ with several new features and it is also an open source which is available for all.

The wonderful features which are being provided by the Bracket text editor are getting color, getting measurement information for your program, font , gradient and much more and even it will also save your PSD file into website automatically which will save your a lot of time. There are also several extensions which are being provided by the bracket these features are Git Integration, code folding, some themes for giving texture , JS hint support , auto formatting etc are available for users.

3. Atom

This is another alternative to Mac Notepad ++ the best advantage for which it is well known is it’s easily hackable to correct property which means that if you wanted to do something but it is not going on according to your choice than need not to worry with help of it you can change it in your own way and use it as you want.

Not only this you are also able to tweak your own different programs with the help of Atom like you can say the HTML and Java script and for this you are not needed to get aware of different kind of complicated languages for programming , as it is an open source editing tool so it is free and with this it also provides several features like as of modal control , color display , project management, Git conflict management, highlighters etc they will be going to help you in cutting languages from edge and are unique to this program.

4. Komodo edit

Komodo edit is another alternative for Notepad ++ which can be used by the Mac users as an editing tool Komodo IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) is one of the best and popular version which has been downloaded after launch with some of the basic and core features required from editing any text like as of change tracking , autocomplete , supporting multi-language , markdown viewing and a large number of repositories which are from the Git Hub and will also get the extensions and several themes. So , you will be going to have almost all basic and important features which are required by a text editor.

5. Ultra edit

The last one which we are going to tell you about is the ultra edit option for your best alternative to the Notepad ++ although this is not an online source but you can use it for the good experience by spending $ 80 for purchase and later on you will be going to use the awesome features of Ultra edit like multi-select, syntax highlighting, column or block editing, regex search foe cross files and also use different languages which are supported by it.

In this purchase of Ultra edit you will be also going to get several other programs like as securing your computer, comparing files, development team, comparing folders, find anything etc. The best combination of Ultra edit is with the Ultra compare and this is only just in $ 100 and with this you will be able to edit your text very closely without any error.

So, if you are also the one who wanted to download notepad ++ for mac then just simply look forward and choose the anyone alternative of Notepad ++ and enjoy the same features of Notepad ++ in your Mac. You will be going to get different types of alternatives in which some are free and some are chargeable so it is all up to you which one will you choose and wants to download. So , we have come to know a lot about the Notepad ++ but we should also have some idea about notepad for which it is used as an alternative , now we will going learn few important things about notepad.

What is Notepad?



Notepad is simply a text editor which is mostly used in the Microsoft Windows and come along with pre-installed features and this helps you to create different documents and was first released by the Microsoft Windows as a mouse-based MS program for DOS in 1983. The notepad is a plain text editor which is common and used worldwide as the functionality and features of Notepad are very less so the users have replaced notepad by the Notepad ++ which is having various features and more editing operations which makes it easy and fast to do.

So, in Notepad you can not use the advance features like as provided in notepad ++ for example syntax highlighting , coloring , regular expression , code folding, color schemes, macros etc and these are the reason that people switch from normal notepad to the Notepad ++ which is lace with additional and all advanced features in it. So , still there are many lovers of notepad let us come to know that how you can download it in your windows device.

Notepad download for windows 7

There are a lot of online sites which are available on web from where you can easily and comfortably download the notepad for your windows 7. The all which you have to do is just search for an online site for downloading notepad and go to it now you will see an option of download click on it and save your file for downloading , later you will see that your file has downloaded completely now , wait till downloading competed and open the downloaded file then lastly install it to your Windows PC or laptop although in all of the window devices notepad comes along with Microsoft office.

You can also install the Microsoft office to your PC and you will get all of the necessary equipment with the notepad. So, this is all by which you can simply download the notepad to your windows 7 now, as we know that their is also a wide range of Mac users for them we are going to see about notepad and its features with availability.

Mac Notepad

As MS office has its own inbuilt notepad for windows similarly the Mac operating system is also having it’s own notepad for Mac users which gives them the same features as given by Microsoft Notepad. It is also used by Mac users for editing their text and making programs the another name for Mac Notepad is iNotepad it provides a proper interface and features which are focused on the technologies which are unique to Apple devices and its users. You can simply get a trial version of Notepad from any site which is absolutely free but for getting the full version which licensed for Mac Notepad it will cost you something around $ 20 and the mac notepad get installed very easily.

The notepad of Mac is being used with a concept behind it that you can easily paste any text or save it to any of the app as you are able to drag and drop the text of notepad from one app to the another which you wants , you are also eligible to cut or paste the text in to the Notepad of Mac. When ever any of the text gets moved through the Mac notepad it gets stored in the history from where you are easily able to recall or reuse it when ever required. You are also able to protect your private and confidential information of Mac Notepad with help of a password as it provides you this features of password protection. In the Mac notebook, you will be going to see a flexible and very good search capability by which your files will get scanned through all of the notes and will give you the desired file for pull up matches.

Download Notepad for Mac


So , as there are many users of Mac although there is pre installed notepad but sometimes we lost it or do not have one at that time we search for downloading it from online sources it is very simple to download you just need to go for any online site which helps you in downloading and provides you the file of Notepad for Mac just click on the download option and then install it to your apple MacBook. You can also get it from several other sources which are paid and charges some nominal amount which is genuine. So , it is all up to you that which you choose either paid service or free service.

Install Plugin for Notepad ++


Plugins are being used in Notepad ++ for providing some additional feature to it , there are various plugins available wit different functions so , first of all we are required to install the Plugin for Notepad ++ and for installing just follow these below mentioned simple and easy steps :

Step – 1 : First of all download the source file of plugin from online sources.

Step – 2 : Now , you are needed to open a folder like of “ C:/Program files/Notepad ++/plugins”

Step – 3 : Now , after you are needed to paste the file of plugin in this folder,

Step – 4 : Now , at last you are needed to restart Notepad ++ and you are done.

Notepad ++ XML Plugin

Notepad ++ is having various and different plugins which are being used most widely now , we are going to talk about the XML plugin of Notepad ++ on windows system. So , everyone wants to know that how they can add this plugin to their notepad if also want them just follow the below provided easy and simple steps for adding :

Step – 1 : First of all go to the site or Notepad ++ download and their you will see an option of download just click on it with the latest version.

Step – 2 : Now , save the file and then your download will begin shortly just wait till it completes and then open the file and install it. Basically , you are needed to install Notepad ++ in your PC or laptop for this you can also follow the above mentioned detailed steps of downloading.

Step – 3 : Next , after installing the Notepad ++ to your device just click on the start button from your PC and then go to the option of All programs. After , it you will be required to select the option of Notepad ++ and click on it to start this particular program.

Step – 4 : Now , run Notepad ++ and then click on the option of Plugins from menus and then go to the next option of Plugin manager.

Step – 5 : After it , you are needed to go through the option of show plugin manager instantly a pop up window of the plugin manager will open on the screen.

Step – 6 : Next , from this window you are needed to search for the XML Tool and mark a tick in front of the option enable auto validation. At last click on the option if install so that you will be able to finish by adding XML tools to your Notepad ++.

Step – 7 : Now , for checking that it has been added safely or not just simply go to the plugins option from menu and their you will see an option of XML tools click on that and in front of you a list of XML tools command will come up.

Notepad++ XML Formatting

Sometimes you can face the problem of long codes while using XML tool in Notepad++ either this problem gets sorted manually but f you want to have a permanent solution then simply format the XML tool for this you are needed to go to the XML tool option in plugin and there you will find an option of Pretty print just simply click on it or you can also press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + B simultaneously and the XML tool will get formatted. 

So , by using these above mentioned simple and very easy steps you will be able to add the XML tools plugin to the Notepad ++ in your windows device.

Notepad ++ compare plugin

The another most used and popular plugin for notepad ++ is compare plugin for which the search rate is very high. So , now we will be going to know that how to get this plugin but before it you should be aware about some of the features of this compare plugin which will help you a lot in deciding whether to add it or not.

Features of compare plugin for the Notepad ++

1 . You can easily make a comparison against the SVN database.

2 . Moved line for detection.

3 . You will get a map of the compared file in the navigation bar.

4 . Feature of Side by side visual differencing.

5 . You can easily highlight the differences inside lines.

6 . You can easily customize the result presentation

7 . Navigation is easy between the differences.

How to Install Notepad++

So , these above are the features of compare plugin now the main thing that comes is how to install it in your notepad ++ just have look below :

Step – 1: First of are required to install Notepad ++ if not having and for this we have provided you a detailed guide in this article above go for it.

Step – 2: Now, after installing notepad + +, run the program and go to the option of plugins in the menu bar and then click on another option plugin manager.

Step – 3 : After, you click on the option if plugin manager a new pop up window will appear in front you where you can search for compare plugin and install it.

So , by following the election above mentioned simple and easy step you can simply add the compare plugin to your notepad ++ for providing us some additional features and increasing its ability.

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Closure ,

This is all about the notepad and notepad ++ in this article we try to give you each and every important knowledge regarding the notepad ++ with it’s features an complete detailed guide with help of which you can download it easily. Later on after notepad ++ we also give you some general information about the Microsoft notepad and Mac notepad for enhancing your knowledge and also provide you the steps or way of downloading it to your device.

As we know that Notepad ++ is best and more demanding software but still it is not available for Mac users so , we also give you some best alternatives of notepad ++ which are having almost each and every basic features required by an editing tool some of them are free while some are chargeable it is all on your choice which one you choose. Then ,next we told you about the plugins which are present in notepad ++ for increasing it’s features and providing some extra additional benefits to it.

Now , we are almost done by getting the complete guide of installation procedure for plugin and the two most used and popular plugins which are XML tool and compare plugin so , by using these steps you can download them easily and will not face any problem. This is all about today’s article hope everything is clear to you without leaving any doubt but still if you have any query or problem then comment below we will provide a solution to it.